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The Malaysian Country Signing CA (CSCA)

This webpage provides information on the Malaysian CSCA operated by Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Department of Immigration of Malaysia)

The distinguished name of the CSCA is C=MY, O=Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, OU=Bahagian Keselamatan dan Pasport, CN=Malaysia Country Signer

CSCA Public Key Certificate

The CSCA uses one main key pair. The main key pair is used to issue Document Signer certificates. In the most unlikely case that the main key pair becomes unusable, there will be created a new main key pair published on this website. DER encoded certificates for the CSCA public key can be found below. The information required to verify the authenticity of the following certificate is also available in authentic printed form upon request.

Current Public Key Certificate

The current public key is available as self-signed certificate.
The self-signed certificate of the public key has the SHA-1 fingerprint
04 8b 3c d0 a1 fb d3 8f 5a 51 dd 3f 93 e4 61 0d e2 36 bb a7.

Previous Public Key Certificate
Certificate 1
The public key is available as self-signed certificate and has the SHA-1 fingerprint
07 16 b3 78 74 53 24 77 f8 7c e0 62 a0 d6 e5 6e a7 73 a7 e4

Certificate Revocation Lists
The certificate revocation list. If you encounter any problems while downloading the CRL, please contact the CSCA (see below).

Communication with the CSCA
The primary communication channel with the CSCA is email. The secondary communication channel is fax: +603-88801200.

Outgoing Information
The information the CSCA sends out includes, but is not limited to, DS certificates and CRL.

Ibrahim Bin Abdullah
Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia
Bahagian Keselamatan dan Pasport
No 15 Tingkat 1-7, (Podium) Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2
62550 Putrajaya,

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