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Terms and conditions for the employment of a Citizen’s Spouse

Terms and condition Employment of Citizen’s Spouse

1.    The marriage is legally binding under Malaysian Law.

2.    The applicant is eligible to be given the Long Term Social Visit Pass or has already been issued such a pass as a foreign husband or wife to a Malaysian.

3.    The respective employment or business or professional occupation does not contravene any law or regulation in Malaysia.

4.    The permission to engage in paid employment or business or professional occupation must be endorsed on the applicant’s passport by the Director General Of Immigration, Malaysia or any authorised Immigration officer.

5.    The applicant has fulfilled the requirements specified by the Director General of Immigration, Malaysia for the Social Visit Pass to him/her as a husband or wife of a Malaysian and for the purpose of granting him/her permission to be engaged in paid employment or business or a professional occupation.

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