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Chief Information Officer

Dato’ Zakaria bin Shaaban

Deputy Director General (Management)

Role of Chief Information Officer / CIO
  1. Prepare the agency’s Information Technology Strategic Plan which contains a plan for the use of IT in supporting the achievement of the agency’s goals;
  2. Streamline and integrate cross functional processes between departments to produce more efficient and effective services;
  3. Develop, operate and manage intact and secure IT systems and infrastructure based on modular features, connectiviy, inter-operability and portability;
  4. Determine the direction of agency application systems to reduce development, maintenance and operation time and costs;
  5. Preserve the integrity of electronic data, encourage information sharing and provide methods for the dissemination of information electronically to legitimate users whether within or outside the agency;
  6. Member of the Planning and Development Committee or the main committee that formulates policy and is directly responsible to the Secretary General or head of department/agency;
  7. Promote the effective and parallel use of IT to achieve the strategic goals of the agency and act as an agent and pioneer of change in the management and administration of the Public Service.
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