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  1. The contribution and dissemination of prohibited information and negative materials contrary to national policies is prohibited.
  2. Disseminating information that smells of politics, sedition or racism or anything that affects the reputation of the Ministry and the Public Service is prohibited.
  3. Visitors who wish to use facilities such as forums are required to register as a security measure to prevent unwanted things from arising.
  4. Visitors must ensure that files sent via attachments are virus -free.
  5. Visitors are solely responsible for the information locked in.
  6. All information to be uploaded into the Malaysian Immigration Department Portal must be approved by the Head of Division/Department.
  7. The website of the agency or company that requires a link to the Treasury Portal or otherwise must obtain the permission of the Head of Department.
  8. Intrusion or attempt to hack the Malaysian Immigration Department Portal is prohibited.
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