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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Immigration services:

Is there a special counter for the disabled?
The Department has a special counter for the elderly, disabled and pregnant mothers. For those with special needs (disabled), they must obtain certification from the Social Welfare Department or a letter from any Government Hospital physician.

I was informed that the Immigration Department does not accept instant photographs taken at photo studios. Is this statement correct?
Yes, as photo quality and specifications do not meet standard requirements.

I am a citizen of Nigeria and am married to a Malaysian citizen.
Yes. The husband / wife is allowed to work without having to change the Long-Term Social Visit Pass to the Dependant’s Pass on condition that he/she has received approval of work authorisation from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

The Malaysian International Passport

Ahli keluarga saya telah meninggal dunia dan memiliki Pasport Malaysia Antarabangsa. Bagaimanakah caranya untuk membatalkan pasport beliau?
Waris boleh mengemukakan surat permohonan untuk membatalkan pasport si mati . Kepilkan bersama sijil kematian asal dan sesalinan beserta pasport atau salinan (jika ada). Permohonan boleh dikemukakan di mana-mana pejabat Imigresen.

Saya ingin memohon pasport Malaysia tetapi dimaklumkan nama saya telah disenaraihitamkan dan permohonan ini tidak dapat diproses seterusnya saya tidak boleh ke luar negara . Apakah yang perlu saya lakukan?
Encik boleh mendapatkan maklumat daripada pegawai yang terima permohonan pasport tersebut sebab nama encik telah disenaraihitamkan oleh Jabatan Imigresen. More...

Apakah yang perlu saya lakukan sekiranya saya kehilangan PMA semasa berada di luar negara?
Buat laporan polis di negara berkenaan dan rujuk kepada pihak Kedutaan Malaysia yang berdekatan untuk tindakan lanjut. More...

I have 2 children. Can I add my sons’ particulars on my MIP?
The new Malaysian International Passport system does not allow children’s particulars to be included on their parents’ passports.

I lost my MIP, what action should be taken? What forms and documents must I submit?
You need to lodge a report at the nearest police station. More...

I am a retiree and 60 years old. Can I get half-price rate for a MIP?
No. The Government only allows children under the age of 12 and students under the age of 21 to get half-price rate for the Malaysian International Passport.

I'm now in amsterdam and wish to apply for a new Malaysian Passport. What do I have to do? Does the Malaysian Embassy here issue a Malaysian Readable Passport (MRP)?
You can submit your passport application at the Malaysian Embassy in Amsterdam. However you will be issued with an old version of the Malaysian passport which will be replaced with a new version upon your return to Malaysia. If you wish to have Malaysia Readable Passport (MRP) you can submit the application at the Malaysian High Commission office in London.

I was supposed to depart for Hong Kong on MH 107 at 8.30 am but an Immigration Officer at KLIA stopped me from leaving the country. What should I do and why I was stopped?
People are stopped from leaving the country for various reasons such as:
- Offences under the Immigration Act,
- Instruction from the Insolvency Department, or
- Instruction from the Royal Malaysia Police,
- Instruction from the Inland Revenue Board.

You can contact the Security and Passport Division at Immigration Headquarters, Putrajaya. You are advised to check your travel status at the Immigration Department of Malaysia or SMS us at 019-2772497 for further enquiry before travelling abroad. (for travel status enquiry, please log-on to

How long does the Passport Application process take?
The Passport application process takes about an hour from the time payment is made at any passport office.

FAQs about Visa, Pass and Permit

My friend from abroad wishes to seek treatment in a Specialist Hospital in Malaysia and would like to know how long he is allowed to stay in the country?
Foreigners who wish to seek treatment at Government Hospitals or Specialist Hospitals can enjoy the Extended Social Visit Pass on a 6 month to 6 month basis.

Ibu mertua saya yang sudah berusia 65 tahun dari Indonesia datang ke Malaysia untuk melawat kami sekeluarga. Bolehkah Pas Lawatan (Sosial) nya dilanjutkan bagi tempoh lebih lama kerana mahu menjaga isteri saya yang baru melahirkan anak?
Orang tua berumur 60 tahun ke atas boleh mendapat kemudahan lanjutan Pas Lawatan (Sosial) secara 6 bulan ke 6 bulan.

Can a Social Visit Pass be extended for a longer period?
Children of Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply for extension of the Social Visit Pass on a 6 month to 6 month basis.

What happens to the Entry Permit if a person leaves the country?
Entry Permit holders must apply for entry permit confirmation notice at the State Immigration Office.

What is the fee for the Entry Permit? Can be paid in cash?
RM120.00 in the form of Money Order or Bank Draft made payable to the Director General of Immigration, Malaysia.

Di manakah permohonan Permit Masuk boleh dikemukakan?
Di pejabat Imigresen Negeri di seluruh Malaysia kecuali Ibu Pejabat Imigresen

How do I apply for the Entry Permit for My Wife?
Your wife can apply for the entry permit if she has lived with you in Malaysia on the Social Visit Pass (Social) for a period of five (5) years. To apply for the Entry Permit, she will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Form Imm.4
  2. 3 copies of the applicant’s photograph (wife)
  3. 1 photograph of the husband (the sponsor)
  4. 1 copy of the marriage certificate
  5. 1 copy of the applicant's passport (wife) that has been used since her entry into Malaysia
  6. 1 copy of the husband's passport if married abroad
  7. 1 copy of the husband's identity card, birth certificate and certificate of citizenship(if applicable)
  8. 1 copy of the child’s (if any) birth certificate / passport / travel document
  9. 1 copy of the marriage certificate from the country of origin (if applicable)
  10. 1 wedding photograph
  11. 1 family photograph
  12. Wedding invitation card

How long should my wife wait for the approval of an Entry Permit?
Approval of the Entry Permit is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Malaysia and awarded to foreigners who are eligible to apply. The approval process is not tied to a particular period.

What is the Entry Permit?
The Entry Permit is a document (Imm.5) issued under Section 4, of the Immigration Regulations 1959/63. The Entry Permit allows one to enter and live without limits in Malaysia and is the status of PermanentResidence. Having gained the entry permit, your wife can apply for an identification card at the National Registration Department (NRD).

FAQs About Foreign Workers and Foreign Domestic Helper

What sectors require certificates?
Sectors that are involved in construction, plantation and manufacturing. Can I apply for an extension of the Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) in Melaka?
You can apply for the extension of the Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) at any branch throughout the country except for citizens of Bangladesh who must apply at Putrajaya immigration only.

Who can approach the Immigration Department to discuss business issues?
Employers and elected representatives.

Can we use authorised agents?
No. It is an offence and action can be taken under the provisions of the Immigration act and regulations of Malaysia. What if my employee wishes to transfer to another sector?
You will need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs before you inform the Foreign Worker Division at the Immigration Department.

How can I get a replacement for a foreign worker when a no-show occurs?
You need to get confirmation from KLIA that the employee did not enter the country and did not report at the immigration counter for verification before a replacement for a foreign worker is allowed.

How can I get a replacement for a foreign worker who failed the medical test by FOMEMA and was deported?
You will need to get the medical results from FOMEMA certifying that the worker did not meet health standards and include evidence of the return ticket and the Check Out Memo. You will then be allowed to apply for a replacement.

What should I do if my employee has lost his passport?
You will need to make a police report. Once the report is made, report to the immigration department for recording and updating information. You need to apply for a new passport at your employee’s respective embassy .

What should I do if my employee has absconded?
You will need to inform the Immigration Department so that the worker can be blacklisted and action can be taken.

FAQs About the Employment Pass

What documents are required for the application for the extension of a Pass?
In order to apply for the extension of a Pass please provide: -

1. Copy of salary slips (the last 3 months)
2. Copy of receipts from the income tax department for expatriates
3. Completed DP4 Form with EPF payment slip attached

Note: All copies must be certified by the management company

What documents are required when appealing to the EC?
The required documents are:

1. Letter of Authority from the company
2. Completed DP10 form
3. Letter of Appeal that explains the company's activities and the justification of the position
4. Letter/Document of support from the employer / company in the related field/ activity

What passes are issued to dependants?

A: Dependant Pass
1. Expatriate’s wife or husband
2.Child of expatriate under the age of 21 years
3. Legally adopted child
4. Disabled child

B. Social Visit Pass
1. Expatriate’s parents
2. Common law wife (certified by the Embassy)
3. Child over 21 years old
4. Step child

C. Social Visit Pass (Long Term)
1. Expatriate’s wife or husband (Temporary Work Pass holders)
2. Child over 21 years old

Submit proof of relationship that is certified by the Embassy / court for all applications.

Can the wife of an expatriate work?
Yes. The husband / wife of an expatriate holding the Dependant Pass is allowed to work without having to change the Dependant Pass to the Employment Pass as long as he/she has received the endorsement for work from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

What should be in the work contract ?
1. Position
2. Duration of contract
3. Salary
4. Employer and expatriate’s signatures

I have a Masters in Engineering and am interested in working in Malaysia. What are the conditions and procedures for submitting applications?
First get an offer of work in Malaysia and your application should be made by your employer. You are allowed to enter Malaysia when the application is approved.

FAQs about Deportation

How can I visit those held for deportation?
You must obtain written permission from immigration officials before you go to meet them at the deportation centre. For cases in the Klang Valley you will need to refer to the Deportation Management and Expulsion Division, the Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya. For cases outside the Klang Valley, you will need to refer to the Enforcement Division, Immigration Department in that particular state. (Providing detailed information such as the deportation number or police report serial number will assist you in tracing the person.)

Where will the detainees be held after they have received instructions for deportation?
They will be held at the deportation centre after they have received instructions for deportation. There are 13 deportation centres in Malaysia (11 in Peninsular Malaysia and two in Sarawak)

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