Loss Of Passport/Travel Document In Malaysia

Loss Of Passport / Travel Document In Malaysia

1. Necessary Steps to take :
i. Surrender immediately to the Enforcement Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia;
ii. Bring along items as per checklist
iii. Do not use the service of middlemen or agents;
iv. Give full cooperation during the investigation and recording of statements by an Immigration Officer.

2. Requirements Checklist
When dealing with the Malaysian Immigration Enforcement Division, please bring along the original documents and copies of the following:

i. Passport number / copy of the lost passport / travel document;
ii. New Passport / Travel Document;
iii.Police report;
iv.Plane / bus / ferry ticket (depart within 7 days)

3. Additional Requirements:
i. Any evidence of entry (land passes/tickets/list of passengers);
ii. Certificate from the Embassy;
iii.Copy of pass / previous document (if any);
iv.Memo reference from the BPA/BPP/VPP/MIDA (if applicable).

4. Payment:
The Special Pass.can be re-issued upon payment of RM100

BPA-Foreign Workers Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia
BPP-Employment Pass Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia
VPP-Visa, Pass and Permit Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia
MIDA- Malaysian Industrial Development Authority

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