Document In Lieu of Internal Travel Document

1. Purpose

This document is issued to Malaysians from West Malaysia travelling to Sabah and Sarawak as an alternative to the Malaysian Passport and Restricted Travel Document in accordance with Part VII, Special Provisions For East Malaysia, Immigration Act 1959/63.

2. Validity

Valid for a Single Journey. The holder is allowed to enter and remain in Sabah or Sarawak on a Social or Business Visit Pass not exceeding three (3) months.

3. Conditions

  1. This document can be obtained from all Immigration counters at Sabah and Sarawak airport arrival halls.
  2. No payment is required.
  3. Parent's or guardian's permission is not required.

4. Applicant

Applicant Conditions
12 years old and over Identification Card /Army Identification Card /Police Identification Card or Temporary Certificate (JPN.KPPK 09 or 11)
Under 12 years old Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate
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