Student Pass

All International Student Pas application ( Public Universiti (PU), Private Higher Education Institution, Language Centre and Skills Centre) should be obtain through online by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) Portal.


Procedures of applying for Student Pass under School categories (Public, Private, International)

Every foreigners who wants to study in Malaysia should apply for a Student Pass.

  • Foreigners who are allowed to study /attend at the school will need a letter of support from the Ministry of Education Malaysia. For the International School, it is necessary to obtain the concern / approval from the Home Ministry.
  • The New Student Pass application can be submitted at any State Immigration office nearby.
  • For Student Pass renewal, application can be submitted to the State Immigration office where the first application is made.


  • Student Pas - RM60.00 a year or half.
  • Visa - Rates are charges accordingly by country but not exceed RM50.00 per visa issued.

Student Pass Requirement

Student Pass application should be submitted by the school and students are allowed to be in Malaysia when the application is made and only if they have a support letter from the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Student Pass application Documents

  • Letter of Support from related regulatory agencies (Ministry of Education Malaysia/ State/ District Education office).
  • Offer Letter from the School to applicants.
  • Student Pass application letter from School to Malaysia Immigration Department.
  • Two (2) sets of Imm.14 forms.
  • Two (2) pasport copy/ applicant Travel Document.
  • Two (2) pieces fotos size 3.5 x 5 cm.
  • Duty stamping Personal Bond form.

Facilities provided to Student Pass holders

  • Mother/father and siblings under 7 years old to Student Pas holder's are allowed to accompany Student Pass holder (Principal) during duration of study with a 12 months social visit visa or according to the validity period of student pass whichever is shorter. Rate charges amount are RM90.00.
  • Applicants are provided with multiple Entry Visa to facilitate their return to their home country while studying in this country.

Spouse Documents for mother/father/siblings under 7 years old to Student Pass holder

  • Forms Imm.55.
  • Forms Imm.38.
  • Student Pass Holder pasport copy.
  • Applicant pasport copy with valid Social Visit Pass.
  • Student Pass holder pasport copy (biodata pages and latest pass).
  • Confirmation / approval letter from institution (School).
  • Applicant health insurance policy for a valid current year.
  • Personal Bond ( duty stamping RM10.00) every applicants.
  • Evidence of affinity certified by Embassy/ Representative/High Commissioner (original and copy):
    1. Marriage Certificate (wife/husband).
    2. Birth Certificate (child).
    3. Letter of Custody/ Adoption Certificate (for step child/ adopted child only).
    4. Student pass holder birth certificate (for biological parents application) *for citizens of China (PRC) need to obtain confirmation of affinity from Malaysia Representative office in China.
  • Subsistence evidence (mother/father) is sufficien (exp: copy of bank account (in the country/ out of country) /Copy of credit card account/ copy of Rental Aggrement/ Copy of Car grant/ others subsistence evidence).

Client Charter

7 working days. 

Additional Supporting Documents NOC needs (No Objection Certificate)

Students from Sub-Sharan African countries , sponsored or without by goverment using the country's academic qualification need to obtain a NOC Certificate (No Objection Certificate) in accordance with the requirement set by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE).

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