FAQs about Visa, Pass and Permit

1. My friend from abroad wishes to seek treatment in a Specialist Hospital in Malaysia and would like to know how long he is allowed to stay in the country?
Foreigners who wish to seek treatment at Government Hospitals or Specialist Hospitals can enjoy the Extended Social Visit Pass on a 6 month to 6 month basis.

2. Ibu mertua saya yang sudah berusia 65 tahun dari Indonesia datang ke Malaysia untuk melawat kami sekeluarga. Bolehkah Pas Lawatan (Sosial) nya dilanjutkan bagi tempoh lebih lama kerana mahu menjaga isteri saya yang baru melahirkan anak?
Orang tua berumur 60 tahun ke atas boleh mendapat kemudahan lanjutan Pas Lawatan (Sosial) secara 6 bulan ke 6 bulan.

3. Can a Social Visit Pass be extended for a longer period?
Children of Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply for extension of the Social Visit Pass on a 6 month to 6 month basis.

4. What happens to the Entry Permit if a person leaves the country?
Entry Permit holders must apply for entry permit confirmation notice at the State Immigration Office.

5. What is the fee for the Entry Permit? Can be paid in cash?
RM120.00 in the form of Money Order or Bank Draft made payable to the Director General of Immigration, Malaysia.

6. Di manakah permohonan Permit Masuk boleh dikemukakan?
Di pejabat Imigresen Negeri di seluruh Malaysia kecuali Ibu Pejabat Imigresen

7. How do I apply for the Entry Permit for My Wife?
Your wife can apply for the entry permit if she has lived with you in Malaysia on the Social Visit Pass (Social) for a period of five (5) years. To apply for the Entry Permit, she will need to submit the following documents:

1. Form Imm.4
2.3 copies of the applicant’s photograph (wife)
3.1 photograph of the husband (the sponsor)
4. 1 copy of the marriage certificate
5. 1 copy of the applicant's passport (wife) that has been used since her entry into Malaysia

6. 1 copy of the husband's passport if married abroad
7. 1 copy of the husband's identity card, birth certificate and certificate of citizenship(if applicable)
8. 1 copy of the child’s (if any) birth certificate / passport / travel document

9. 1 copy of the marriage certificate from the country of origin (if applicable)
10.1 wedding photograph
11.1 family photograph
12. Wedding invitation card

8. How long should my wife wait for the approval of an Entry Permit?
Approval of the Entry Permit is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Malaysia and awarded to foreigners who are eligible to apply. The approval process is not tied to a particular period.

9. What is the Entry Permit?
The Entry Permit is a document (Imm.5) issued under Section 4, of the Immigration Regulations 1959/63. The Entry Permit allows one to enter and live without limits in Malaysia and is the status of Permanent Residence. Having gained the entry permit, your wife can apply for an identification card at the National Registration Department (NRD).