Form To Download 

1. Passport

    1. Passport Application Form 
    2. Application Form for Change / Amend / Add Passport Details In Malaysia 
    3. Parents/Guardian Permission Form 
    4. Lost Passport Questionnaires   

2. Visa 

    1. Visa Application Form 
    2. Visa Application Form (For Wife/Son/Mother/Father Student Pass Holders)  

3. Pass

    1. Visit Pass Application Form 
    2. Visit Pass Extension Form 
    3. Pass Confirmation Form for the Purpose of Marriage With Foreigners 
    4. Dependant Pass Application Form  
    5. Personal Bond Form 

4. Foreign Students

    1. Student Pass Application Form  
    2. Student's Personal Data Form 

5. Foreign Worker

    1. Fee 
    2. Outsourcing Particular Form  
    3. Declaration Form for Visa With Reference  
    4. Personal Bond Form  
    5. Checklist for VDR Foreign Worker Application(Non-Citizens Bangladesh) 
    6. VDR for Outsourcing Company Checklist  
    7. Report oF Foreign Worker Absconding from Employer  
    8. Application for Citizen Thai Chef  
    9. Application for Visa With Reference Expatriate  
    10. Checklist Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) Short Term Senior Chef Thailand 
    11. Checklist for PLKS Stiker Application  

6. Expatriate

    1. Expatriate Particular Form (DP 11) 
    2. Dependant Particular Form (DP11A) 
    3. Expatriate Post Application Form (DP10)
    4. Employment Pass Application Form 
    5. Dependant Pass Application Form (IM10) 
    6. Apply for Expatriate Post Guidlines 
    7. Application for Facilities Study Children Expatriates living in Malaysia Liability Under Pass 
    8. Checklist DP10 - For Expatriate Post Application 
    9. Checklist DP11 - For Obtaining Endorsement of Employment Pass / Visit Pass Temporary Employment 
    10. Checklist DP11A - For Endorsement Getting Dependent Pass (PT) / PAS Tour (Social) 
    11. Checklist For Maid Dependent Pass of Expatriate 
    12. Document Confirmation 

7. Foreign Maid

    1. Declaration Form by Muslim Foreign Maid
    2. Recommendation Form Without application of the Registered Agency 
    3. Employment Contract Form
    4. Application For Foreign Maid
    5. Replacement of Foreign Maid
    6. Personal Bond Form
    7. Report of foreign worker absconding from employer
    8. Certificate of Foreign Domestic consumption of Muslim 
    9. Checklist of Foreign Maid Application

8. Certificate of Identity

    1. Certification of Identity Extension Form
    2. Certification of status Application Form
    3. Marriage Declaration Letter

9. Entry Permit

    1. Entry Permit Application Form

10. Travel Documents

    1. Travel Document Application Form

11. Certification of Status

    1. Certification of Status Application Form

12. APEC Travel Card

    1. APEC Business Travel Card Application Form