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Majlis Jasamu Dikenang Pada 24.11.2015

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FAQs about Deportation

1 How can I visit those held for deportation?
You must obtain written permission from immigration officials before you go to meet them at the deportation centre. For cases in the Klang Valley you will need to refer to the Deportation Management and Expulsion Division, the Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya. For cases outside the Klang Valley, you will need to refer to the Enforcement Division, Immigration Department in that particular state.
(Providing detailed information such as the deportation number or police report serial number will assist you in tracing the person.)

2 Where will the detainees be held after they have received instructions for deportation?
They will be held at the deportation centre after they have received instructions for deportation. There are 13 deportation centres in Malaysia (11 in Peninsular Malaysia and two in Sarawak)